Selasa, 29 April 2008

Stop BANGAU-ing!

Do you know how we sometimes find excuses and blame when things do not go our way? Well, I've found an effective cure for that ;) and it's called STOP BANGAU-ing! :)

(For those who don't know what a 'bangau' is, some people call it a stork, or a crane, or flamingo.....) you get the idea ;)

Remeber that rhyme we use to learn when we were small, "Bangau oh Bangau, kenapa engkau kurus"? Translated, it sounds something like this: "Bangau oh Bangau, why are you so thin? I am so thin because the fish will not come come up (i.e. surface). Fish, why did you not come up? Because the grass is too long. Grass, why are you too long? Because the buffalow did not eat me. Buffalow, why did you not eat the grass? Because I had a stomach ache. Stomach, why did you ache? Because I ate rice which was not cook well......." and so the story goes. As we can see how we tend to push blame and finger point.

So stop BANGAU-ing! Everytime you give an excuse, you are bangau-ing ;) Stop finger-pointing because that's bangau-ing too!

Sometimes we give excuses for every single thing that we did not do or did not get.....for example, if someone were to ask, "Why did you come in late?" some of use would answer, "Traffic Jam!" (BANGAU!)....."Why didn't you complete your assignment in time?" some would answer "Oh, I had to take care of my sick mother" (BANGAU! just bangau-ed you mother!)....."Why didn't you buy that car you wanted?" some would answer, "Takde rezeki!" (BANGAU! Saper yg bagi rezeki? TUHAN of course! So sanggupkah kita membangau TUHAN?? Nau'zubillah!)

Every Moment is A Choice, kan.....and Every Choice is MY Choice. So stop bangau-ing lah ;) Take Charge! Be responsible. Kalau salah just say sorry and make up for it. That's what I mean by being responsible......stop giving excuses. Do something about it. Solve the problem. Act ;)

Bangau-ing will only limit our posibilities and potential. I've heard some people say that they do not have the confidence when doing publice speaking or class presentations....and when I ask what's stoping them from being confident, they would give all sorts of bangaus! Malulah, don't know what to say lah, the audience might walk out lah, trembling lah.....etc. etc. seribu satu bangau :)) Padahal, they know what ever reasons or excuses (i.e. bangau) they give can be solved and that there are many choices/ways to solve the respective problem. JUST CHOOSE LAH! SOLVE IT LAH! Usah lah membangau lagi! Just get it done and move on.

Selagi we dok membangau je, we will never move on to better things and be better human beings. So the next time an excuse develops in your mind, just say STOP BANGAU-ING! and TAKE CHARGE! :)

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